Monday, August 14, 2006

Who visited my blog?

Just wanan know who visited my blog before. Please drop a comment. Thanks :-)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Recent lifestyle

For more then 3 weeks i did not update my blog. I wonder how busy i am recently. Many things waiting for me to complete it and there are also things for me to plan for. Headache for next week because there will be 2 class test. Dispensing test which failed a lot of students and CVS interpretation test which confusing me.

After the test, i still need to complete my PP and HP essay. I hate doing essay, firstly i am not good in writing all those ethics essay. Secondly, i hate reading journal!! it always split my head into half.

No matter how, this is a good opportunity for me to train myself. Learn how to manage my time and my stress well. hehe. I already have a good plan for it. As long as i follow my plan, i strongly believe that i can handle everything :-) yeah~!! IMU Cup coming soon, and i am participating in 3 events ( Football, Badminton and Volleyball ) This is the last chance for me to join IMU CUP and work together with my lovely teammate to try our best. The best team ever. I hope to do for the best for pharmacy. Will never give up easily! This is what i always believe in.
I am happy to see that there are many potential badminton players for pharmacy. It is hard for me to make decision, who to be selected in the team. But the only solution, is to make a fair selection.

Stupid uni block all the instant web messenger website. Why are they so stupid by doing this. Padan muka if got people spread virus. If can please destroy the whole IT system to teach them a lesson.

Well, time to continue my work.yeah~ looking for the best :-)

1. Prepare for CVS and Dispensing test
2. Finish my PP and HP essay
3. Finalise the namelist for badminton team.
4. Training for sports.
5. Prepare for sem 4 EOS