Monday, July 03, 2006

what happen to ENG?

Oh no, disaster again for england. Lost penalty again, DE JAVU, to the same team Portugal. Watching on the TV screen, is hardly for me to believe that england lost again to the same team.
Looking all the shots saved by Ricardo, the chances for england to walk through slowly dissapear. Is a bad day for all the england fans. I can feel the pain for them, have u ecperience before the feeling of losing after all your hard work? yup, i experience that before. John Terry crying on the field, Gerrard sitting on the field with his face covered with his hands, Beckham standing near the bench with dissapointed face. ouch, sad man.

Whats the problem actually? this is what i think..
1. Stupid Sven!! get the highest pay but doing all the shit job!! i am doubt about the players he selected in to the squad!! Sometimes i do think that he used the wrong combination. 4-5-1 Crazy ah!!
2. England really need a better goal keeper, sometimes Robinson just standing there looking at the ball heading to the goal without any dive or jumo to save. ( At least do something, u will never know if the the ball will curve into the net) do something!
3. Too depend on rooney, control your temper ( i mean sometimes, the red card case, haha is because of the actor. Should got an OSCAR award for the good acting )
4. Stupiak Referee, i think millions of fans gonna slaughter this fella, sent beckham out in02, now rooney in 06. haih..

No matter how, i am satisfy with their performance when down to ten men, good afford and i strongly believe that england can go further than quarter finals. Lets look forward for eng after the dissappear of Sven, highest pay lousiest job!!

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