Monday, July 10, 2006


A wonderful and meaningful night for me, i will always remember this day, the day we won our title for MAPCU badminton. Although we we won the bronze medal, but the feeling is like winning the world cup.haha. Our matches are the focus on that night especially mixed doubles which drag the game into third set, after 1-1 with the score17-15 9-15. Third set will be the determinant set. Either we going back with the trophy or with empty hand.

All of us was sitting outside the court, watching the match without missing any shots. Players from various university are focusing this match too. This is the match between IMU and ICSJ, with an overall score of 2-2 now. I am so nervous, heart beating fast and sweating. I am sure that the players are more stressful than i am.

The third set continue until the opponent ledding with 14-12 second server. This is the last chance for us. With our fighting spirit, we will never give up easily till the end. Suddenly, every cheer when we able the kill the service by the opponent. This is our chance to get it back.
14-14 with first server, duece. We need another 3 points with 2 services. After a hard time for us, we won with 17-14. We cheer and screaming around the stadium, so happy after our hard work. Unbelieveable, the group which failed to qualify to semi last year ( bottom of the table) won the 2nd runner up.haha!! We are so lucky.

For overall results,
group stage IMU 5 APIIT 0
Semi IMU 1 ICM 3
3rd placing IMU 3 ICSJ 2

Thanks to all my teammates, Desmond, William, Glen, Kelvin, Wen Leong, Qristine Liew, Su Ann, Su Lin and Pei Ling. Good job guys. Thanks to Su Miin, Su Jian and Kim Hoe for coming to support us. Best team ever.


ti3nD said...

clap clap clap*
congrats of leaving history name for imu in mapcu badminton! great spirits, shud kip it ups!!!!!

MuFFy said...

congrats couz!! =)