Monday, July 17, 2006

My weekend

Saturday, went to Bon Odori at Shah Alam together with Qristine, Hee sheong, Wen Jiun and Mit Tien. Luckly we started our journey earlier or else we will stuck at the highway. So many people around. Saw people dressed up with kimono and other funny funny dressing. The food there are so dissapointing, expansive and not nice. Wasted 8 bucks for soft crab california rolls.

A funny guy selling soft drinks, shouting loud to promote the drinks ' pokari sweat', and it really caught my attention. I decided to buy the drink for a try, it actually taste like combination of 100 plus and sour plum.haha, there goes my 3 bucks, ouch~ not worth it.There is dance peformance at the field but we did not join the crowd. We left at 8.30pm and headed to Subang Jaya, Asia Cafe for our supper.

Sunday, went to Chan See house for Pan Mee. Delicious, yum yum~ really like the Pan Mee a lot. Good cooking skill by CS, miss this Pan Mee for one year already.

All the pictures taken using my handphone, so it is not clear!

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