Friday, July 07, 2006

Journey ended before final

Yes, we have made ourself into the semi-final with a score of 3-1 against Metro. This is the first time IMU team enter the semi final. We are so excited and looking forward to be in the top 3.
Unfortunately, we are unable to book ourself a place in final after a defeat by Inti Malaysia by 1-3. I am proud for our women doubles match yesterday, good covering and pairing between Qristine and Pei Ling won us a precious point.
Tonight we have play a tough match against ICSJ to determine the third place. I cracking my head to think for our best line up tonight, strategy is so important in the match.I am now out of brain juice, need refill. Been cracking my head thinking of strategy, observing players and scouting around. No matter how, we will try our very best. I will never give up easily ,will never give up if i still have a chance or a single breath. We will fight till the end. To win the opponent?? no is to win ourself. 自己才是自己最大的敌人。

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