Monday, July 17, 2006

My weekend

Saturday, went to Bon Odori at Shah Alam together with Qristine, Hee sheong, Wen Jiun and Mit Tien. Luckly we started our journey earlier or else we will stuck at the highway. So many people around. Saw people dressed up with kimono and other funny funny dressing. The food there are so dissapointing, expansive and not nice. Wasted 8 bucks for soft crab california rolls.

A funny guy selling soft drinks, shouting loud to promote the drinks ' pokari sweat', and it really caught my attention. I decided to buy the drink for a try, it actually taste like combination of 100 plus and sour plum.haha, there goes my 3 bucks, ouch~ not worth it.There is dance peformance at the field but we did not join the crowd. We left at 8.30pm and headed to Subang Jaya, Asia Cafe for our supper.

Sunday, went to Chan See house for Pan Mee. Delicious, yum yum~ really like the Pan Mee a lot. Good cooking skill by CS, miss this Pan Mee for one year already.

All the pictures taken using my handphone, so it is not clear!

Monday, July 10, 2006


A wonderful and meaningful night for me, i will always remember this day, the day we won our title for MAPCU badminton. Although we we won the bronze medal, but the feeling is like winning the world cup.haha. Our matches are the focus on that night especially mixed doubles which drag the game into third set, after 1-1 with the score17-15 9-15. Third set will be the determinant set. Either we going back with the trophy or with empty hand.

All of us was sitting outside the court, watching the match without missing any shots. Players from various university are focusing this match too. This is the match between IMU and ICSJ, with an overall score of 2-2 now. I am so nervous, heart beating fast and sweating. I am sure that the players are more stressful than i am.

The third set continue until the opponent ledding with 14-12 second server. This is the last chance for us. With our fighting spirit, we will never give up easily till the end. Suddenly, every cheer when we able the kill the service by the opponent. This is our chance to get it back.
14-14 with first server, duece. We need another 3 points with 2 services. After a hard time for us, we won with 17-14. We cheer and screaming around the stadium, so happy after our hard work. Unbelieveable, the group which failed to qualify to semi last year ( bottom of the table) won the 2nd runner up.haha!! We are so lucky.

For overall results,
group stage IMU 5 APIIT 0
Semi IMU 1 ICM 3
3rd placing IMU 3 ICSJ 2

Thanks to all my teammates, Desmond, William, Glen, Kelvin, Wen Leong, Qristine Liew, Su Ann, Su Lin and Pei Ling. Good job guys. Thanks to Su Miin, Su Jian and Kim Hoe for coming to support us. Best team ever.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Journey ended before final

Yes, we have made ourself into the semi-final with a score of 3-1 against Metro. This is the first time IMU team enter the semi final. We are so excited and looking forward to be in the top 3.
Unfortunately, we are unable to book ourself a place in final after a defeat by Inti Malaysia by 1-3. I am proud for our women doubles match yesterday, good covering and pairing between Qristine and Pei Ling won us a precious point.
Tonight we have play a tough match against ICSJ to determine the third place. I cracking my head to think for our best line up tonight, strategy is so important in the match.I am now out of brain juice, need refill. Been cracking my head thinking of strategy, observing players and scouting around. No matter how, we will try our very best. I will never give up easily ,will never give up if i still have a chance or a single breath. We will fight till the end. To win the opponent?? no is to win ourself. 自己才是自己最大的敌人。

Thursday, July 06, 2006

MAPCU Badminton

虽然我们败在HELP的手下,但我们好不容易打败了APIIT, 为晋级点燃了希望。这是我们第一次在小组赛中击败对手。虽然赢了,但我们还必须在心理和体力上作出充分的准备,因为前方还有更艰难的路途。在对垒APIIT的比赛中,遗憾的是我并没有发挥出我的最高水平,凭凭犯下低级失误,制造了不少险情,差一点让对手追平。



Monday, July 03, 2006

what happen to ENG?

Oh no, disaster again for england. Lost penalty again, DE JAVU, to the same team Portugal. Watching on the TV screen, is hardly for me to believe that england lost again to the same team.
Looking all the shots saved by Ricardo, the chances for england to walk through slowly dissapear. Is a bad day for all the england fans. I can feel the pain for them, have u ecperience before the feeling of losing after all your hard work? yup, i experience that before. John Terry crying on the field, Gerrard sitting on the field with his face covered with his hands, Beckham standing near the bench with dissapointed face. ouch, sad man.

Whats the problem actually? this is what i think..
1. Stupid Sven!! get the highest pay but doing all the shit job!! i am doubt about the players he selected in to the squad!! Sometimes i do think that he used the wrong combination. 4-5-1 Crazy ah!!
2. England really need a better goal keeper, sometimes Robinson just standing there looking at the ball heading to the goal without any dive or jumo to save. ( At least do something, u will never know if the the ball will curve into the net) do something!
3. Too depend on rooney, control your temper ( i mean sometimes, the red card case, haha is because of the actor. Should got an OSCAR award for the good acting )
4. Stupiak Referee, i think millions of fans gonna slaughter this fella, sent beckham out in02, now rooney in 06. haih..

No matter how, i am satisfy with their performance when down to ten men, good afford and i strongly believe that england can go further than quarter finals. Lets look forward for eng after the dissappear of Sven, highest pay lousiest job!!