Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Broga Camp

First of all, thanks to min tien for working hard in organising this broga camp. This is one last chance for me to enjoy before semester 4 start. Really enjoy this camp, although is not really sleeping inside a tent. Played too much until suffering for lack of sleep syndrome.haha.Night hiking, abseiling, rafting, flying fox,obstacles,high rope, yup had fun with it.

Trust me this is nice! Our dinner on the first night.

Lunch time~ i prefer the food we cook than the one we cater.

cute bug~camera shy. I remember i killed a spider of a size of 4 inches. I really hate spider!

Briefing session before rafting start.

Oh no, we ended up as "Poseidon". Me and Hing swimming inside the pond.yucks~ is dirty but it is fun.

All the potential architect and engineers, end up poseidon. Good job dude, it is nicer to experience boat sinking ok.

Flying fox! no! flying ah pek!

Bravo, everyone completed high rope and other obstacles. I would like to try another time. Fear of high is no longer a factor.

Waiting for my turn for abseiling. The height is about 20 feets.

During the first night. We had BBQ until 3am. Gosh! first time BBQ during midnight.

A Group picture before we leave broga camp.

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ti3nD said...

erm thks 4 supporting n helping sin hei larr.. without u guys, all da fun wudnt exist dy.. :)