Monday, May 22, 2006

IMU Ball

This is my second experience going for a ball. The previous one was the Taylor's College prom night. I still remember the IMU held on 1 April, the day our headache physical pharmacy class test. Think of wearing something different but don't really have time to be creative and prepare for my attire that day. So the best soloution is, normal IMU Dress code + coat. Settle~~
Everyone look nice and different that night and the performance by P106 is really fantastic. Good job! Snapped tonnes of pictures that night, vision a bit unclear after expose to so many camera flash,haha.. We went off the hotel by 12.30am, the night still young, our next station was at mamak. After returned to my house, i still remember we chit chat until very late. Forgotten until what time...until i zzz.....

Picture of all the leng jai, all my good brothers.

Me annd Hendrick. The tall and the not so tall.

Best badminton partner ever. Glen Tan

No longer salted fish, Lu Yi.

With all the medics good buddies..

Trisha, Yieng and Yen Nee. Great performance!!

Another tall fella, best volleyball spiker, Gordon

Yuen Yuen, the basketball MVP

A group picture with all da P105 ' Leng Lui'

The sweetest in our class, Kay Yee

Hazel / Chee kuan, dont confuse, is the same person.

Wen Jiun who always dress in pink. She just love pink so much.

Me, Kah Yee and my good brother Su Miin.

Me and Yi Jie. We always lame together.

Bao bao, another Kah Yie and Wen Jiun.

Together with all the 'Mei Chees'

Hui Fern, Wei Li, Eunice and Chew Yee.

Ting ting!! this is what i always call her.

Ah Choo~ The one sitting beside me at lecture hall.

Finally a group picture..P105 rocks!!

Really had a nice time with all u guys and i am proud to be part of P105.

Sehati sejiwa.Frens Forever~

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Cultural Night

Cultural night, is actually a project for our Malaysian study but i find it more meaningful to take it as a charity night to raise fund for orphanage. Really feel so happy, with satisfaction after seeing all the hard work we done. we did a great job hand to hand with B104, with the help from B105 and P106. Pharmacy rocks!!! Good job by Joyce and Jin Werne..Everyone look nice in traditional costume. Adam is the most attractive one, looks like big ang pao. All the performance are great and entertaining. I am so proud to be in pharmacy batch.

After the event, we went Steven corner for celebration ( syok sendiri ), until 3am. Cant sleep that night, as i feel that i have did something really meaningful and i will never forgtet. Good job guys!

Chinese dance dancers, wei li, eunice, chew yee and hui fern

Snapping picture with MAS ' air stewardess' ,haha. nola is malay dance dancer

Ming Ying, Sook Teng, me and Shirlyn

Me, Sue Choo and Fionna ( the best dai kam jie )

Kay Yee, me and Lu Yi

EJ what r u doing?? me and Yuen Yuen

A group picture with our Malaysia Study lecture.

Dr. Kang, our guest MC.

Finally, a group picture with VB's

Pharmacy Rocks.

Redang Trip

After a semester full with homework, reports, class test, and projects, finally it reaches the end. Straight after the exam, we are going to one of the malaysia famous beautiful island, Redang, located at Terengganu. This is my first time there, really cant wait for it. Really need a good rest and enjoy to the max after stressful exam. We start our journey on 10.30pm at Putrajaya bus terminal. I still remember this is the day malaysia got defeated in Thomas Cup, a bit dissapointed but i strongly believe that Malaysia will win the glory back very soon.

We arrived at the port on 6am morning, and waited for the transportation to Redang island until 7.30am. Between that, we walk around Kuala Terengganu and had a light breakfast at the chinese hawker stall. 7.30am, the agent brought us to the port, and our journey start to Redang island.
We arrived and checked in at the Redang Reef resort on 9.30am. Picture taken with Fionna and Edmond once we arrived. Semangat betul.. The activity for the first day was snokerlling on 1.30. First time experience, it was fun and exciting. Looking at many types of maraine species and corals, really impressive. Swimming together with all the fishes and got surrounded, a very special experience.. We returned to the island on 3.30pm, a bit tired but still energetic enough to sampat with others. On 5.30pm, we joined the chankat sotong competition, organise by Tourism Malaysia and others sponsors such as the resorts at Redang Island. We are so lucky to meet this carnival which will be held every year, we have got the right timing.

I struggling hard to catch a soting but failed. The waves are strong and making the boat shaking here and there, really feel dizzy and feel like vomitting. Everyone on the boat manage to catch a sotong, only me and Edmond fail to. We are just to kind to break up the sotong family,haha.

2nd, nothing except snokerlling. We went to the turtle island, and we are so lucky that we saw turtle and 'vegetarian' shark. The next station is Marine Park, many fishes around especially u feed the fished with bread,you will get surrounded. So colourful and so cute.

A picture with the fish statue. According to Edmond, this looks like Kim Hoe. haha!!

A Picture in front of Redang Reef Resort.

The worst day diving is better than the best day working!

Me, Sue Choo and Edmond at More More tea Inn. Remind me about the movir starred by Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren.

Something amazing! The top picture- i snap this picture in front of the Reef resort. When you rub the sand, you will see some small dots glowing in the dark, the center picture. The bottom picture i have edited it to make it clearer. GUESS WHAT IS IT??
Answer : According to the guide, is actually the eggs of the coral that causes this .
This phenomena can be found in other island as well but the one glowing in blue colour can only be found at Redang island. Unbelieveable?? believe it!

Thanks to Sue Choo for organising this trip. Really enjoy the time here and had lots of fun. Wish to stay at this beautiful island for few days more. i will rate 10 out of 10 for this trip,perfect score! Wish all buddie will have a nice holiday. See u guys during sem 4.