Monday, March 09, 2009


Update from kuching.

Finally i bought a card reader for my memory card to transfer the photo to my laptop so that i can post it up to my blog.
Thats the house we are currently staying in kuching. Small but comfortable and the rental is cheap.

Interior of the house.

I am currently still in OPD, until end of this march and i will go to the ward. Life here is fine, not to say i super like it, and not to say i dislike it. Sometimes, it can be boring because i have nothing much to do here except work, sleep or maybe exploring around.

Over here, i totally cannot survive without internet. That is the only way i stay connected to everyone.
To train in Sarawak General Hospital, i think it is really good. If you ask me would i consider to stay here? I am still indecisive.I feel that the lifestyle here starts to kill me, and the feeling of loneliness (sometimes) really me make me wanna go to some where else.

- IMU buddies, HS is holding the camera.

Especially your work load is so heavy and you are force to do something you dont like. Like the project i am doing, i dont see any point of doing it. Who cares what the result is, as long i pass PRP year. Why spending more time and more energy to do something that does not give any benefit?

- Watching Dato Lee lost to Lin Dan
Although my time is fully occupied with all my work, i do feel the emptiness.

Looking back the pictures with my friends, i really missing all of you. Especially the special occasion we used to celebrate together. I feel like having a time machine, bring me back to the time we all gathering together.

- The time we travel together.

- The time we spent together.

- The time you celebrate my birthday with me.

- The time in Glasgow.

8 months to go, and i have another chance to choose where i want to be. This year is going to end very fast. I hope it does, i hope.
Destiny sent me here, to train me to be tougher, to be independent.
Feel like singing the song playing in my blog.
I am missing you guys.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back in action

After 2 months in kuching, i finally got the internet fixed at home.Been disappear from msn for so long and now i gonna online puas puas 24/7.

December is great, so many holidays and how i wish it can be longer. Wont be going back to penang until chinese new year. 4 more weeks to go and i will be home from 22 jan - 2 feb. I am the prp who apply the longest holiday leave, ngek ngek.

3 days ago, during the christmas night, i am counting down at home with my earest laptop.

4 days later will be the new year eve, i hope something for something special. We plan to have a BBQ session at home so i hope we are still carry on with the plan.

Currently i am so busy with my presentation on january. I will have 2 presentations, 1 for CPD and 1 for my research project proposal.
The topic i am doing in 'cefoperazone+metronidazole as antibiotics prophylaxis in pre-operative patients'
2 weeks for us to come up with detail proposal and i am so not in mood to do it. Sometimes i think is a waste of time because the outcome is not going to change any standard protocol which already practice for so many years. Is like doing for the sake of doing it without any objective.Just do to show that we are doing something, no point la. As long as i can pass my prp year. Talking about my preceptor for my research project, i think he is not helping us anything.dont care la, as long as i pass my prp year.

Kuching is not a bad place to be,
1. Much more cleaner, than penang, and for sure than kl.
2. No terrible traffic jam.
3. Lifestyle is much more relaxing, not so hectic.
4. Special foods where you will never get to try in peninsular.

1. Things are 10% more expansive than in peninsular.
2. You cant find Gardenia bread here.
3. No TOPSHOP over here.
4. Only 1 starbucks and 1 coffee bean here.
5. Largest shopping mall is 1/20 size of midvalley.
6. You cannot find prawn mee here.
7. Raining everyday during end of the year.

Anyway, i am happy that i am here rather than in some ulu place la.Will consider to stay here for the next 3 years, to be decided.

I am missing the old good days.
- Missing the time hanging around with my friends,everyone is working at different place now.
- Missing all my buddies, dota-ing together,having fun in glasgow,i miss the time in glasgow.
- Missing the time when i can play badminton 3 times a week.
- Missing the time when i can play futsal at least once a week.
- Missing my penang prawn mee.
- Missing the time when i can stay up late and sleep until the next evening.
- Missing what i am missing...

Will post up pictures when i am free. Continue with my work now..zzz..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

2 weeks after..

Finish my attachment at enforcement unit. My next station will be at In Patient Department IPD at RTU ( Radio Therapy Unit ). I guess it will be in the oncology department. Life here is not bad, quiet relaxing but it can be very busy as well. Very soon, i will have presentation to do, clerking case in the ward, workshop to attend etc etc. I better dont be lazy and start learning lol..

Will move into the new house next week, dont know which day yet. I am still waiting for my little kancil to come. Bank transaction take ages to complete. Unable to post up pitures yet because i have no card reader with me. Will kep u guys updated, happy working everyone =)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Greetings from kuching

Hello everyone, i am already in Kuching for 5 days. I was placed in the enforcement unit for the first 2 weeks. Working environment there is much more relax compare to other department.I was sitting inside the office doing nothing for the whole day,chit chatting, walking around, got la a bit reading la for the undang-undang and stuff. Poison act, regulations and zzzz...

Got to know a group of seniors there and they are really happening. Hope to follow them to go out to airport, port or pos office to do some checking job. At least no need to stay inside the office la. The best thing is the have badminton gang!!! haha.. continue join them for badminton next time.

Kuching here is much different compare to penang. Life here is not so hectic like KL but is much more relaxing. Not much traffic jam problem where u wil stuck in the road without moving for 20 minutes. Things aren't cheap over here. Yesterday, 4 of us, ming ying, sue choo, hee sheong and me went the the largest shopping mall in kuching, named The String.Quiet nice la, but is much more smaller than Midvalley, which is like 1/20 the size of MV,haha!!
I try to check out some items to compare their prices to those in peninsular. And i realised that the prices are slightly more expansive in peninsular. like that lo..what to do..

Oh ya another depressing thing, our gaji actually not that high. We will get housing allowance for only RM600. For those local, they will get RM250. Meaning we are only RM350 more le. Minus the living cost and renting a place to stay, actually is almost the same lo. -.-'' nevermind la, let me explore this beautiful borneo, i will find it interesting.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Next stage begins

Will be leaving to sarawak to start my job as a prp, so this will be the last post before i leave.

I would like to thank all my good friends for celebrating my 23rd birthday.
Thank you so much for the steamboat in penang.
Thank you so much for the birthday cake in kl.
Thank you so much for the sms birthday wishes.
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes in friendster and facebook.
Thank you so much for the birthday card.
Thank you for the farewell dinner.
Thank you for everything.

I really miss the good old days, hanging out and having fun together.
Singing K in red box, mamak-ing together, playing football together, travelling together and etc etc.

After resting for 3 months, now is the time for me to strive again. The time for me to start my career. Gonna work hard and earn enough money to accomplish my goal.

Take care everyone and good luck to my friends who are working as well on the coming monday. Wont be online for a while. Will update my post again once i have internet access.

Good night penang...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

My photography 4

Rather than sitting in front of my laptop doing nothing, i did rather try out the new software again. With the permission of the models ( in the photo ), they agreed to let me post up the pictures. Privacy is something we have to respect, so better ask first.

Nothing much to update recently, other than hanging around with friends for few days because they are having hari raya holiday. Spent quiet a lot and i shall sit at home and not going anywhere else to save my money. Insufficient fund.

ok, here are the pictures.Vote for your favourite effect.

Effect 1

Effect 2

Effect 3

thanks to my 2 models again,haha..Oh ya, good luck to my friends who are going to start working on oct 3. I wish i can start work as soon as possible, i am so broke now!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My photography 3



Monday, September 08, 2008

My photography 2

Recently i am thinking to get a car for myself since i am going to start working very soon, so transportation is a need for me. Should i get a 2nd hand old car or a new car? If a new car, should i get a local car or imported car? Of cos local car is cheaper, but as malaysian, i think you know well how the performance and the quality. On the other hand, imported cars are nicer and better. Especially Toyota which i am thinking, yes is just thinking, the price is really a big burden to me. So, i think the answer will only review once i got to know where am i going to work.

I hope i can get either Vios or City, although the one i prefer the most is accord but sorry ah, the price, ouch!! wallet sakit, gigi pun sakit.

Anyway, here are some pictures i snapped during my visit to Sweden. The city of Stockholm and Kiruna.

Central station Stockholm

Stockholm old town

Kiruna. Frozen River.

Stockholm in winter.

Stockholm city.



Huskey and the dog sledge at Kiruna.



More pictures are up next.